Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pool cost?

Great question, poor answer is that it depends. There are so many variables to go into a custom pool/spa that there is not a good answer. But typically custom pools start out at $65-$70k and a spa can add $15-$20k.

How long does it take to build a pool?

Another great question; of course there are variables here too to consider but typically 8-14 weeks.

How long does a pool remodel take?

Around 14 days. Depending on the weather and other conditions.

Is it cheaper to build a pool in the winter?

No. It does change the cost but it does change the stress level. Crews are working non-stop from january to july to get a pool ready for the swim season and welcome the more relaxed atmosphere of a fall/winter build.

What are the hidden costs?

With us there are no hidden costs. We choose to build on a cost plus basis. You will see every invoice that we see and we will charge you a percentage of the build.

When can we get started?

Usually in 4 weeks after a signed contract. We need the time to create the construction documents and pull all appropriate permits before scheduling excavation.